I am a father, a photographer, a designer, a blogger and almost a singer.

Although I'm working with a big corporate company, my real interests are totally different from my job description. I am more into creative stuff like photography, web designing, graphic designing, putting my thoughts into writing, music etc. I am self-taught all the way, be it guitar, computers, camera etc. At times, I don't want to reveal the fact that I was self-taught to avoid being underestimated.

Photography is something I was interested in toward the later parts of my life. I was never interested in photography until I bought my first DSLR camera. My initial intent with the DSLR was to use it for media purpose only. However the creativity and technology involved in photography fascinated me and got me so hooked up that there's no looking back. In tribute to my late mother, I named my photography work as Nema Photography.

I have done web designing for a long time now. I have started web designing way back in in 2001 or 2002 using free sub-domain providers. The first real website I have created was in 2003. So since then my interest for website designing never cease and I have kept developing websites for friends and clients. I worked on web applications like Joomla and Wordpress. I coined my web designing work as NemaGraphics, again after my mom's name.

Graphic Designing go side by side with Web Designing. I've designed banners, posters, enhanced photographs using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

I don't call myself a writer but rather a blogger. Writing is something I have developed on the way. Every now and then, thoughts would come to my mind and that’s when I have started to write it down. I used to write poetry and songs when I was in college though.

During my school and college days, I used to play the guitar and even had my own band. I used to sing in many social events. I even got the best vocalist in our college music festival. Till date I still have the hang of music. I had my first guitar when I was about 10. It was an acoustic guitar and I guess, my dad must have bought it for me out of pity from seeing me playing a wooden dummy guitar. Ever since then I had acoustic guitar with me wherever I go; but never had an electric guitar. My boyish dream was to own an electric guitar one day. So I fulfilled this childhood dream by buying a Fender Stratocaster electric guitar recently. And to go with it, I also bought a BlackStar Amp and a Mooer GE200 guitar effects.

I have also made my footprint in the social media in the form of, which is the oldest website and the most popular website or group among the Zo people. I have founded in 2003 and through this channel, I have contributed to the society in my own capacity.

Apart from all these, I am husband to my lovely wife Pinieng and father to three beautiful kids - Ruby Nemhoih, Songsuanding Vualzong and Siemlunglien Vualzong.

With deepest regards,
Ginza Vualzong.
Email: | Phone: +91-8826532299

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