My first love

My first love

Guitar was my first love. When I was small my dad asked someone to make a wooden model of guitar, which doesn't have any strings on it. I played that wooden guitar almost all day like it was real. Seeing my deep interest, my dad bought an acoustic guitar for me when I was 11 or 12 years old. I was so happy I kept playing it without even knowing a single chord. I must have played so much I have annoyed my entire family with the noise, they even have to hide the guitar to stop me from playing.

Soon I learned to play songs and started playing in Church and Schools. When I was in college, a guitar was always in my room. I played in various social programs. I even joined my college music society in Hansraj College, DU and took part in all inter-colleges music festival etc. I even performed a mini concert with my band in our college festival, Confluence.

All these time I only owned an acoustic guitar. My boyish dream was to own an electric guitar. I have not fulfil that dream yet as it was diverted by another love - photography. I learned photography and reached to some level now. Looking back at myself, i feel that it will not be justice if I do not fulfil my childhood dream of owning an electric guitar.

Almost everyday I have researched on what type of guitar I should buy. I love to play blues and rock, so Les Paul, Fender's Strats or tele, PRS guitars are on my mind.

I hope soon enough I will return to my love, my first love.

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